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Artebella Hobi Ürünleri
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As Artebella, we produce high quality products ourselves with years of experience and deliver them to hobby-art lovers all over the world.

About Artebella

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As a dealer, you can sell Artebella products that are in demand from consumers on your physical forgiveness and online sales site. It is a privilege to work with Artebella, who always embraces the win-win mentality. Let’s live with this privilege.

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Hobby is in this newsletter with innovations, new products and campaigns from the art world.

Artebella Art & Craft hobby art products reach creative people of all ages with stationery, play, toys and decorative products. Artebella hobby products began its journey with supply supplies and easy transfer. With its product portfolio of high quality hobby art products and the values adopted in the form of doing business, it quickly became a demanded brand.

Art & craft product portfolio was then expanded with product groups such as marbling materials, ceramic mosaics, stencil varieties, acrylic paints, transparent paints, dimensional paints, décorable products, relief cake varieties.

Thanks to the width of the product range, when many hobby-craft works became feat, products suitable for everyone from 7 to 77 were offered. For adults and young people you can also make sets, for minors I can also make sets available with the Artebella brand.

Easy marbling set, acrylic paint set, easy transfer kit, stencil set, brush set, such as sets of the same product group was responded to the demand of customers who want to buy teams.

Artebella hobby sets, which are welcomed with interest by schools, public education centres, workshops, courses and individual hobby-art practitioners, continue their journey by constantly renewing.

Finally, Artebella Art & Craft made a difference with IQ and Development Products, as well as developer and entertaining games and toys for children and young people.

Golden Leaf Art Products proves its strength in production with its sales network in the domestic market and the interest it encounters in the countries it exports. Artebella Art & Craft products are presented to artists, educators and hobby-art lovers in seven regions of Turkey and in many different countries around the world.

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